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Our system provides live broadcasts in Full HD 4:2:2, the highest quality the market has to offer. Our exclusive system has gained us the trust of institutions and TV channels like TVN, C13, C13 Cable, CHV, Teletón, Sporting Club, Hipódromo Chile, Chile's government and Univisión (Bolivia), amongst others.

Our devices are able to broadcast in 108060i or 1080 60p, delivering a SDI or HDMI signal, depending on what the client needs. The drones are controlled by two operators: one pilot and one camera operator. Our signal has been received in an radius of up to 1000 meters. 

Some of the big events we have broadcasted are: America's Cup, Teletón, changes of presidential leadership, elections, Festival de Viña, Paris Parade as well as several other open air festivals. What stands out is the Military Parade 2015 for being the first broadcast in which a drone flew that near a president, main political leaders and military authorities. 

Our history, safety statistics and careful operational style were endorsements enough to get the respective permissions from the Armed Forces, Military, Police, Presidential Guard and all other authorities who had to approve our participation in this challenge. 

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