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XCam is a pioneer company in the use of drones for aerial photography and video in Chile, with an excellent reputation in the audiovisual sector. Our experience is based on more than 12.000 flights in multifold sceneries without any incidents.

We offer three types of courses which will capacitate you to operate unmanned aerial vehicles professionally. 
Inquire with our instructor (Spanish and English speaking): 

1.- Operation basics


The basics course consists in four face-to-face and two virtual sessions.

It capacitates you to take off, operate and land a drone... Without

destroying it in the attempt. Additionally it includes a special section to

get familiarized with the Chilean laws about drone operations.

$ 150.000 CL Pesos (230 US Dollars)

2.- Advanced operation


The advanced course teaches certain subtleties of drone operations in

complex conditions, high-risk zones, extreme climate etc. It consists in six

sessions apart form the basic ones, is designed for those who want to be

professionals in aerial operations and leads to obtaining the DGAC license.

$ 249.960 CL Pesos (380 US Dollars)

3.- Specialties


Industrial services, inspections, photogrammetry, cinematography,

photography and  broadcasting are some of the specialties we have been

able to develop for those who want to leap from professional drone

operation towards being part of a specialized RPA-technology avant-garde.

$ 259.000 CL Pesos (395 US Dollars)

4.- Mixed Double Course


This modality includes the characteristics of the "Basic" and "Advanced"

or the "Basic" and the "Specialty" courses.

It is an intensive course which is taught in four half-day sessions. 

$ 320.000 CL Pesos (485 US Dollars)

5.- Mixed Full Course


This modality includes the characteristics of the "Basic", "Advanced"

and the "Specialty" courses.

It is an intensive course which is taught in six half-day sessions. 

$ 520.000 CL Pesos (790 US Dollars)

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Weekly and intensive courses, which lead to obtaining the DGAC license
Where to buy a drone?

NOTE The courses can be taught in:

- 4 monthly sessions, one per week (Mondays or Fridays from 2pm to 6pm)

- Intensive courses can be booked flexibly. 

The courses are paid upfront. The prices are per student. The maximum of students per course are 6 people.

Bookings have to be confirmed per mail (

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