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Inspection of wind turbines

We have developed an inspection service for wind power plants. 


Using a system unique in Latin America it guarantees a detailed report about the condition your power plant is in, without stopping the production of its turbines while minimizing the number of people exposed to risky working situations. 


Nowadays an inspection at a wind power plant represents high expenses, rising from the stop of the production as well as from possibly high contractual costs. The dependency on favorable meteorological conditions and the inherent risks of working in great heights turn XCam's remotely controlled option into a strong ally for the optimization of a wind power plant's resources.


By use of the latest technologies our drones are able to inspect wind turbines during wind conditions of up to 70 km/h (45 m/h) , by producing a photographical record with high velocity devices, enabling us to generate easily accessible, detailed reports afterwards. 


Characteristics and benefits of our service: 


  • Inspections without stopping the production:  We have the capacity to control any active turbine, without having to switch it off. 


  • Faster and less risky: The inspection flight for one turbine takes around 15 minutes, which is about 30 times quicker than an inspection carried out by human workers. Consecutively that lowers the operational costs. 


  • Safe operation: During the control process safety is a key factor. Inspection by drones doesn't represent any mayor risks for its operator as the device is controlled from the ground. Additionally, our drone's technology enables it to fly during harsh climate conditions like high-velocity winds. In summary, the risk factor for workers in great heights is eliminated. 


  • Damage report: Once the revision of the turbines has concluded, we generate a report which shows anomalies in any turbine in great detail, their location, their type (structural damages, spilled liquids or paint consumption) as well as the seriousness of the damages. 



Quantity of inspected turbines:


Inspection duration per turbine:

15 min

Device used for inspection:


“We have developed a method to monitor damages in wind turbine rotors without having to stop the turbine”

Our way the power plant company is able to obtain a general view about actions to be taken to maintain the efficient operation of its installations, in the shortest time frame and with the lowest costs possible. 

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